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FREE Report: 4 Vital Steps Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Know.

Success Stories

What our Clients say

  • Very helpful, knowledgeable and speedy service. Great to work with

    — Alex, Web Developer —
  • Ruth did a great job and quickly. We’d certainly work with her again

    — Wilford, International Business Developer —
  • The thing I love about my business is that it’s creative. But before coming to Ruth at Tax Twerk I was struggling to get my tax return done. I’ve never had an accountant before and at first I was unsure about working with someone online. But it turns out that the best part about working with them is the online technology, which made it so much easier for me to keep things up to date! I would recommend this unique service

    — Catherine, Kold Joose Media —
  • I was struggling to keep my books up to date but Ruth was able to get things done in half the time of my old accountant. It’s so great because having her there online has made it easier to connect and get things completed. Now, I am able to travel the globe and couldn’t be happier that I can work anywhere and have my accounts right in my pocket via mobile

    — Amy Sparks, Online Marketer —
  • I have been really impressed with the speed at which you completed my work and your email response time. Will definitely be using your service again. I have already sent your details onto a friend

    — Simon Brown, Professional Actor —
  • Ruth is one of the most dedicated. A multi-skilled, careful and forward thinking accounting consultant and her understanding of our requirements can not be underestimated. Efficient in her ideas, skills and creativity

    — Robert Christian, IT Professional —
  • I joined Tax Twerk because Ruth specifically caters to the creative business. I realised that the fact I needed an online accounting service meant I was taking my business seriously to get to the next level. Now I’m a VIP Member I feel at ease that all of my bookkeeping needs are being competently handled. I would recommend their service in a heartbeat!

    — Anthony Phillip, Music Pioneer —
  • The best thing about working with Ruth is patience when I ask lots of questions. Thank you for dealing with my tax return so quickly. Much appreciated. A weight off my mind

    — Dionne Ible, Mosaic Artist —
  • It was such a pleasure to speak with you and I am incredibly grateful for the free Discovery session and the plan which has given me great confidence in moving forward

    — Vaishali, Personal Development Coach —
  • Best thing – the bespoke service. You answer queries in understandable language. As new to self employment this was VERY important. And you have helped guide me into being a Limited Company! And you submitting my tax returns has been seamless

    — Rosa, Education Consultancy —
  • The best thing about working with Ruth was her efficiency. Every email I sent was replied to promptly and I was kept in the loop at all times. Nothing was too much trouble for her, a very personal service. No improvement necessary, I am a happy customer!

    — Rhia, Drama & Arts —
  • The best thing about working with you is I know you will get the job done, on time and for a fair price

    — Kate, Artist & Illustrator —
  • I was really impressed with the professional way in which my tax return was conducted, and the speed! I wouldn’t have known where to start, but you took all of that burden off my shoulders. To be honest – I just “let it all go” and when you said it was done, you could imagine my sigh of relief! I would like to say a big “Thank you” and I would highly recommend your services to others

    — Angella, Community Trainer in Luton —
  • I think you’ve done a great job reassuring me with how easy I can focus on the more important things, which is really important to me. You’ve also provided me a lot of useful information to read and look over. I’m now watching the 5 video tutorials, thank you for help so far

    — Adil, E-Commerce Startup —
  • “The challenge for me in growing my business was getting – and staying – on top of the finances. I’ve hired other accountants before, but they just can’t advise me for my type of business so they’ve been not well suited. Ruth promised a close attention and helpful service for someone like me who doesn’t know much about my business accounting”

    — Kavit, Online Marketer —
  • The best thing is your support, understanding, knowledge and receiving chocolates in the post! Keep being you! :)

    — Monica, Network Marketing Startup —
  • “I’ve never had an accountant before, and I don’t plan on going anywhere else! Ruth told me about the business; said she loves doing paperwork for busy people. I’m the perfect customer! My first reaction to joining was I NEED this! The biggest benefit as a VIP is very little stress with the finances. They use the latest accounting technology and technology is the future, everyone should be using it for the accounting if they aren’t already. It’s a no-brainer.”

    — Kieza, Design & Print Specialist —
  • I found it easy to work with you. Once I had got my papers off it was easy and quick to have my property tax return done. It took a lot of pressure off me

    — Elsa, Landlord —
  • Best thing has been the meticulous way you work which gives me confidence that things will get done. You are very organised and you have presented everything clearly and put it together simply which meant I could look at the key emails and let you get on with the complicated stuff behind the scenes!! Perfect for me! Stress free! I’m really happy with the service and you have gone out of your way to answer questions, guide and assist me! I have no doubt you will definitely prosper and I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know!

    — Kyra, Singer & Songwriter —
  • “My goal is help small businesses create explosive revenue and growth by crafting smart, authentic experiences that attract more of the right people to their brand. I love that my business is a near-perfect reflection of everything I am and a way for me to earn a living by supporting other people’s dreams. My business will allow me to have financial abundance, to travel the world, and to have the freedom to spend quality time with my future husband and kids.
    Using Xero with Ruth has made getting my finances together feel a lot easier to figure out. As a VIP Member it feels good to not have to do it on my own; and I love that all the accounting areas are done for me.
    Ruth has such a welcoming, familiar personality. It’s like talking with an old friend (who cares and doesn’t judge you) about your money.”

    — RM Harrison, Branding Coach —
  • I think your energy and professionalism comes across well. I feel like your easily accessible and efficient which comes across very well with your brand

    — Banji, Education Startup —
FREE Report: 4 Vital Steps Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Know.


This is more than just bookkeeping or tax. You'll be joining a movement for personal wealth, time freedom and to help you build your legacy. We're a VIP online accounting service that saves busy business owners thousands of pounds, countless hours and frustration during tax season.

Online Tax Returns Done for You

Online Accounting Service for Creatives

Our Pledge

    • No Numbers – No data entry required – we do it for you with our ultimate done for you accounting package
    • Busy is Good – You never apologise for being busy. You can travel, focus on the fun stuff & harness your talent
    • Here to Help – We’re not here to intimidate you, like other accountants, we support you every step of the way
    • Perfect Fit – If you’re interested in your monthly cash-flow, we’re the right company for you
    • Let’s Get Twerking! – Don’t wait! Take action to immediately improve your cash flow

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Book a Free 25 Minute Consultation with Ruth Noel to get clear on business, tax & accounting. Limited spaces each month so remember to click the orange ‘Book Now’ button below.

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How to Protect Your Passion Without Lifting A Finger

Creative business owners save 16-24 hours every month on hourly costs by using an online accounting service. That’s a SAVING of £300 – £400 every month.

If you’re thinking, “Hecky! I don’t need to spend 16-24 hours on the books!”, then you must love those brown letters from HMRC, we say!

But if YOU want more time freedom, more tax savings and less stress, Tax Twerk is for you. This is an online accounting service that works behind the scenes for busy business owners.

Got burning questions? Call us on 0330 321 1136 or email for a FREE consultation!

Join Online Now!

FREE Report: 4 Vital Steps Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Know.

Who Are We Anyway?

Vibrant, Certified and Fresh our passionate team is unique in every sense.

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  • online tax returns twerk

    FREE Report: 4 Vital Steps Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Know.

    VIP Service

    Hey good looking! How can we help you?

    Free Stuff

    £0 per person
      • Get a free consultation, free advice, or even free chocolates

    Personal Self Assessment Tax Return

    £85 per tax return
      • Save money & time with our online tax return service

    Did You Know?

    Creative business owners save 25 hours every month on hourly costs by using an online bookkeeping service. That’s a SAVING of £300 – £400 every month

    Exclusive Treatsfree coaching free bookkeeping treats

    This is a lot more than just bookkeeping.

    All of our new VIP Members receive a TAX TWERK GIFT PACK in the post with extra goodies.

    You also get lifetime access to our private VIRTUAL TREATS.

    We give you over 10 free resources to help you save time & grow your business.

    This includes instant access to: 

    1. Free Accounting Software & Apps

    2. Join our virtual network of over 100 entrepreneurs

    3. Get a VIP listing for FREE in our ‘Find a Creative’ online directory website

    4. Get free promotion with an interview on our blog that stays up forever!

    Ruth’s Virtual Coaching on:
    5. Starting a Business Without Fear
    6. How to Use Accounting to Make Money
    7. The So Selfish Success System for the Best Decision Making

    Ruth’s Cash Flow Training on:
    8. How to Invoice on Xero
    9. Sleep Sweetly Payment Formula

    10. Handy Printable Guides (with tips on the expenses you should be claiming)

    and More!

    (Value of £1,500)

    Join the Movement!

    Word of Warning

    As you will see, there is not a lot you will have to do, because everything is designed to be done for you in our Tax Twerk system. But you will be required to be passionate about your work, comfortable with delegating to save time and have an interest in your cash flow.

    Worried about money? From only £2.50/day, you can invest in yourself and get rid of those pesky lil receipts! This is a fraction of what other accountants charge, which can cost up to £3,000. You can’t afford to cheat yourself on the success you want. Take action to immediately improve your business.

    More Time Freedom

    With us you never have to apologise for being busy. You can travel, focus on the fun stuff & harness your creativity!

    We use 2 known little features of the internet to save you time and money on the accounting every month.

    This means you can work anywhere in the world. You won’t have to be tied to one computer or a desk every day.

    Get Started!

    online bookkeeping service free

    Personal Support

    Easily reach us online and speak to your own Tax Twerkologist who will hold your hand, answer all your questions and guide you every step of the way.

    Still not sure? Here’s a few social shoutouts from our VIPs:
    linkedin feedback accountant for creatives

    kyra vidal accountant for music

    Carla FB

    Contact Us to Sign Up Today

    accountant for startups

    FREE Report: 4 Vital Steps Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Know.

    Platinum Players VIP Day Experience

    If you want a serious transformation in just 1 Day then our Platinum Players VIP Day is the perfect solution for you.

    Experience an ultimate shift to grow your business and make sales.


    Welcome to the Platinum Players VIP Day Experience with Ruth Noel:

    Discover More Time and Motivation in just 1 Day!

    Do you need to save yourself months of struggle and financial loss in your business so that you can finally get the profits and cash flow you deserve?

    Are you currently stuck under a pile of paperwork that has completely spun out of control?

    Are you business records lurking around the office, home and computer?

    Do you feel frustrated and confused about what needs to be done with accounting and bookkeeping and when?

    Do you need help avoiding more late penalties and fines from HMRC?

    “Just like to say that the work done by Ruth has been invaluable in assisting our marketing consultancy. She’s been both supportive and enthusiastic about our ideas and is open and honest, especially when we needed to rethink or re-evaluate things.Ruth met some complex ideas head-on and then helped us formulate a strategic business plan. Her ongoing advice and guidance has been excellent and is always explained in terms that are totally understandable to me.We have developed a very good working relationship with Ruth and she provides professional, yet friendly accounting advice and bookkeeping services. We now see Noel Bookkeeping as a core part of our organisation and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone with online business interests.” – David – Internet Marketing Consultancy

    The Results

    1) You will save the £50,000 – £100,000 salary of a CFO

    2)  I will physically take away your accounting and bookkeeping problems in 1 day

    3) You will experience a transformation so that you can enjoy your business without the burden of accounting paperwork

    4) We will work together face-to-face to set up a system that saves you time and money every month

    5) By the end of the Platinum Players VIP Day you will have no more worries about what needs to be done – we’ll be doing it all for you and providing you with  step-by-step guidance

    6) You gain instant relief to focus on making sales, growing your business, travelling and enjoying your family

    I know that you can feel stuck and worried and I can help

    I have custom designed this all-inclusive booster bookkeeping & total accounting management package to get you and your business transformed and running smoothly. Let’s get straight to the point, this is exactly what I will do for you on the day:

    Part 1: Freedom from Accounting 

    1) Discussion and planning what you need to do for the accounts over the year to resolve & avoid fines from HMRC and Companies House
    2) Set up of our VIP Online Bookkeeping Service
    3) Training to show you how to quickly use Xero and manage your receipts/invoices
    4) All business documents and records will be taken away and updated online
    5) All receipts will be digitalised (scanned, organised and stored online)
    6) Cash flow and budget consultation
    7) There will be a top-rated restaurant booking for you and Ruth to celebrate the business transformation at the end of the VIP Day
    There is even more that I want to give you! Read the important extras below…..
    You will also get on-going bookkeeping and accounting support at no extra cost. This includes ALL of the following:

    Part 2: Ongoing Support All Year Long

    1) Monthly Bookkeeping done-for-you on Xero Accounting Software (bank reconciliation and account preparation each month) + We give you Xero FREE
    2) End of year annual accounts and corporation tax return done for you
    3)Access to ask questions anytime
    4) VAT Returns submitted
    5) Monthly Financial Management Reporting
    6) I will monitor your accounts, tax and VAT deadlines
    7) I’ll follow up with you, or the relevant organisations, for any missing information
    “Thank you very much indeed for all of your help, advice and patience. I will definitely be contacting you again. It is a pleasure to recommend you.” -Samantha Love, Perform, Hampshire
    My Personal Guarantee:
    There will be no time-wasting or technical accounting lectures – I will be getting it all done for you in just 1 day.
    Save Money, Save Late Penalties:
    You will be saving yourself the expense of hiring an hourly rate bookkeeper/accountant, as well as the cost of consulting and late penalties from HMRC and Companies House.

    Your Investment: £15,000

    Which includes everything above and a top-rated restaurant dinner at the end of the day (your spouse/partner is welcome to join us)

    Am I Eligible?

    You’re eligible for the Platinum Players VIP Experience if you & your business meet the following criteria:

    1)Technology based business (including online businesses)

    2) Turnover of in the region of £150,000 – £5 Million

    3) 1 or 2 company directors

    4) Maximum 15 employees on payroll (unlimited freelancers)

    5) Focused on growth and sales

    6) Keen to maximise time without affecting what you’re already doing

    7) Passion for travelling and working from anywhere in the world

    8) Comfortable with delegation and outsourcing

    How to Apply

    To be considered for a Platinum Players VIP Day click here to contact me today

    Once you are accepted we book your VIP day on a date convenient for you. Platinum Players VIP Days are 7 hours (9am-4pm) and conducted in person at your location -Let’s talk

    In 2014, your Platinum Players VIP Day fee help support  Unseen – Working against human trafficking
    FREE Report: 4 Vital Steps Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Know.


    So you're curious... Here are some A's to your Q's

    This is more than just bookkeeping or tax. You’ll be joining a movement to for more personal wealth, time freedom and to help you build your legacy.
    No. This is not a long-term tie-in contract; you can end the online accounting service with 30 days notice after the first 6 months. Although we aim to keep you happy year after year.
    Yes we can help you if you’re outside of the UK. As our business is online business management we work for people all over the UK as well the USA, Europe and Australia. Contact us with your exact location for more details.
    Our goal is to provide you with up-to-date information on your sales and expenses so that you can make the best decisions to grow your business. It will also save all of the frustration during tax season and cost you 50% less on accountant fees.
    The company is based in an upcoming town called Luton, Bedfordshire, UK – home to Luton Town Football Club, London Luton Airport and Luton Carnival. Our online accounting service works with clients across the UK and locally.
    All of our team hold qualifications in accounting, finance and certification in bookkeeping and Xero. As well as, 5-10 years experience working in tax preparation, online accounting services and small business. We’ve even started our own creative ventures on the side and take a keen interest in various art forms.
    You might think twerking is controversial..I think you’re right… This is why we chose it, it’s a positive spin to empower the next generations, pulling their attention away from booty-shaking and onto building personal wealth :)

    FREE Report: 4 Vital Steps Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Know.


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    FREE Report: 4 Vital Steps Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Know.


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    FREE Report: 4 Vital Steps Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Know.

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